Spade Anchor Testimonials

Spade Anchor Testimonials

Just look at all the happy, satisfied Spade Anchor customers!

Sail Vicarious – Spencer Bailey – “A great anchor that sets fast!”

Mark & Judy Handley – S/V Windbird – Used the S120 55# Spade on our Tayana 42 for our circumnavigation.

Al & Beatris on Mauyva, from the Netherlands.  We sail a 50’ aluminum sloop and we carry three Spade anchors.  We love the anchors for their problem free use.  Evan the 7kg aluminum anchor holds our 17 metric ton boat!  We are circumnavigating and even the hard bottom of the Med. Is no problem for the Spade!

39’ Jeanneau with A100 anchor.  I only used it one summer so far in New England, but it sets immediately, even in grass.  I power set it hard and I’ve never been able to drag it or pop it out.  40 knots at 5:1 with no problems!

Freedom 30/32 with A80 Spade anchor;  Hurricane Irene, peak gusts were 82, 50 -60 for 12 hours. DID NOT BUDGE!

Spade 200 –  Sailing yacht Saliardo – Tayava 55’.  These Spade anchors are just great.  They keep holding the deeper they get.  I found a slow set approach to setting this anchor.  Just a great anchor.  I do sleep well at night!  Cheers Pete.

“A Lady”  Oyster 56 – Having had many sleepless nights over a lifetime of sailing, we bought a Spade S200 in 2009 prior to our circumnavigation with World Arc 2010…. 36,280 miles later, we never dragged 1millimeter, even in Hurricane Irene.  Stephen and Aileen Hyde

Tom Burgess – S120 Spade Anchor;  48’ Atlantic 48 sailing catamaran.  Cruised from Newport to Aukland, NZ.   NEVER did I lose sleep on this anchor.  One special example of the security of the Spade.  While anchored in Fatu Hiva, Marquesas, 50+ knots of wind.  The boat in front of us dragged down onto us.  Our anchor held two 50ish catamarans in more than 90’ of water for hours, until we could get the mess untangled.

Spade S80:  Having used this anchor on our Tartan 3800 for over 5 years of cruising in Buzzards Bay, Narragansett Bay and Penobscot Bay.  If I were to sell my boat, I would take the anchor with me!  I have never had this anchor drag when using the proper scope.  Mike Ide

Spade A100;  On our Tartan 37C is the BEST anchor we have on board.  Always holds on any ground.  Piece of mind with it as a kedging anchor.  Sailed throughout the Caribbean, used it without worry everytime!!  L. Crown, D. Skinner

U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis 2011
Our Spade S140 holds our very heavy displacement Dickerson 41 just “peachy”.  Anchored in St. Davids Bay of Grenada.  We anticipated 25-30 mph tropical winds.  We put out 5:1 scope, left the dink w/outboard along side.  The storm changed to hurricane status with 60+ knot winds.  It did not make any difference, as our Spade S140 held us just fine!

D & Don Wogzman, S/V Southern Cross.
PS;  its an exposed anchorage & the waves were coming in @ 4’ +/-.  Several other boats without Spade anchors dragged!

Pearson 424 – Our Spade is the best thing on our boat!  Sets first time, everytime.  In all situations.  We love it!  We have the S120 55# model anchor.

Pearson 33 – We sleep much better now with our Spade.  We rode out 70 knot winds in Key West 2 years ago.  We have the A80 Aluminum Spade anchor.

Carolyn Shearlock – The Boat Galley – S/V Que Tal  Tayana 37 with a S140 Spade Anchor.  Our spade anchor saved our boat in 2 occasions, both times nearby boats went on the rocks in a thunderstorm and our Spade held 50 knots, open roadstead & 5’ breakers.  Near Loreto in the Sea of Cortez.

Pearson 424 – S/V Blue Pelican:  We are more than a little delighted with our Spade – We love it!  On stormy nights and questionable seabeds, our Spade just digs in.  The answer to our dockside question of which is the best anchor?  The ‘Spade’ period!  Stephen Parry

Anne & Dick Anderson – A80 & A100;  This anchor without a doubt sets quickly and locks in!  We own a 33’ Trimaran and therefore weight to holding power was huge for us!  We live on board our boat and have held in BIG wind in the Bahamas!  Thank you Spade!  F33 #007 “Grey Hound” FEB 2011 – Double Breasted Cay, Bahamas

Island Packet 380 with S200 Spade anchor – S/V Drake’s Passage:  We rode out hurricane Irene in Oyster Bay, NY.  Deployed our S200 Steel Spade anchor.  We attached 275’ of HT 5/16 chain to 2 16’ mooring pendants and deployed the whole setup in a muddy bottom.  When Irene hit, we slept like babies.  My phone rang at 2am and I stuck my head out the companionway.  It was blowing 45 knots.  No big deal.  We went back to sleep.  Next day it blew 65 knots.  We played games in the cockpit and laughed at the storm.  Our Spade, which we named “Shock & Awe” was more than up to the challenge.  We have always slept well with our Spade.  Never dragged and well worth every penny.

Mom’s comments:  When Bob went back to work and left the girls (3) and I to sail alone, we always felt secure anchoring ourselves, especially in Cranberry Island, Maine.  Thank you, the Drakes.

Ortho Martin – I live full time on my boat, 50,000 + sea miles. Spade – I love by far the best with multiple bottom types.

S120 – I’ve owned a number of different anchors and the Spade is the best anchor I have ever owned.

48’ Tayana Sailboat & Home:  Sailed in the Caribbean & Bahamas for 7 years.  There is NO BETTER anchor than this for down island.  Grabs every time, on every bottom.  I’ve got the 66# er and wouldn’t cruise without it!  Chris Kellogg, S/V Endorphins.

Capt. Jim Vermer – This anchor has set 1st time, every time for me and has never dragged.

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